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Winning Moves Pictureka Card Game @WinningMovesUSA @SMGurusNetwork

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Winning Moves Pictureka Card Game

Pictureka! Card Game is perfect for families, friends, parties and great fun for all ages. The four different games vary in pace from the high-energy “Alphabetic” to the calmer “Matchureka”. The cunning “Cow’s Creative Combo” will give the creative side of your brain a workout, while “8-Away” race game will have players in an all-out frenzy. Game contains 78 Picture Cards, 32 Mission Cards, and Illustrated Instructions. Recommended for ages 6+


OBJECT OF THE GAME: Each of 4 fabulous card games has a different objective and pace. We include 78 Picture Cards (including 3 Penguin “wild” cards) 32 mission cards and Illustrated Instructions.


ALPHABETTI: A find-it-first frenzy. Find a picture starting with a letter. The letter is “A”. Can you find a card with an Apple or Airplane? As soon as anyone spots something, shout “Picture”!

MATCHUREKA: Find 2 cards that match the mission. “Something from the sea” – find a shark on one card and a boat on another. “Picture!” you’ve done it!

8-Away: a rousing race of a game that gets everyone flustered! get rid of all 8 of your cards by spotting mission pictures on them. First to run out of cards wins. Everyone plays at the same time.

COW’S CREATIVE COMBO: combine cards to complete your mission. Your job is to match 3 picture cards to either one of the missions on your mission card. You GET to choose which one!

The game is easy to understand and fun for a family night with all the kids.  There are other versions of game playing with the cards but we tend to play the regular way although we have played the matching one a few times and it was enjoyable. All and all it’s different from other games and I think it’s pretty fun.

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