Without A Trace Foods Delicious Treats

Without A Trace foods

Without A Trace Foods Delicious Treats

If you or your family members have allergies you know it is hard to find great snacks to eat, until now.  Without A Trace Foods is full of great ingredients and they fantastic!  Plus they don’t have peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, shellfish, or fish.  They are also gluten-free and plant based. Without A Trace Foods can be eaten by a lot of people that normally can’t eat the other snacks.

chewy granola bar

These are their granola bars.  They are a soft, chewy, almost sticky, delicious treat.  We liked everyone of their products and I tried everything they sent.  I have the pleasure of not worrying about eating things I might be allergic to but there are a lot of people that have to worry, these treats let them eat a healthy snack without the worries.  Without A Trace Foods let these individuals enjoy eating snacks again!

allergen free soft chocolate chip cookies

Yeah they make extra soft chocolate chip cookies.  They taste just like the normal cookie.  I didn’t try it but I bet you could heat these in the microwave to get that just out of the oven taste!

Without A Trace Foods’ believes kids refuse to be defined by their allergies. Kids are truly capable of anything, so fear of allergens can escort itself right out the door. They triple check their products to ensure their safety so you can say so-long to the days of picking up snack A for this kid and snack B for this kid and something totally different for the grown-ups. I believe these snacks are great for both kids and adults.

power bites granola chewy without a trace power bites chewy granola snack

Their power bites are not sticky but still soft and chewy.  These are the rad raspberry flavor and wow you can definitely taste the raspberry.  They are awesome, my hubby’s favorite.  These also come in apple cinn a-monster that are also really good! Like I said before I don’t have the allergies but I would still buy these treats.

The listed ingredients for these power bites so you have an example is: organic dates, raspberries, gluten-free oats, raspberry juice powder, chocolate chips, chia seeds, natural flavor, and sea salt.

Their mission is to make all kids feel included. We created amazing, allergen-free snacks with real ingredients. If they wouldn’t eat it by the (school) busload, they certainly would not offer it to you and your family. Because at Without A Trace, they believe every kid deserves delicious snacks.


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  1. Without a Trace snacks sound delicious! I don’t have any allergies but I would definitely eat these and feel good about giving them to my kids as well. The power bites sound amazing.

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