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Wonderbly Personalized Books Are Beautiful

Wonderbly Personalized Books

Wonderbly Personalized Books Are Beautiful

I really like to give the grandkids books at the different holidays. But I love to give them a personalized book at Christmas.  They can look for their name and they really like it. Wonderbly Personalized Books has very nice books that are full of color and a wonderful story.  Wonderbly Personalized Books sent me these 2 to show you but they have other choices.

I really like this book because you can get up to 4 children’s names in this one.  It is perfect for the holidays and the older child can read it to the younger one.

There’s so much that’s special about Christmas. Celebrate a baby’s first Christmas with this beautifully personalized book, featuring up to four siblings.

Their names are in different places in the story so it makes it fun for them to find their name. These books tell your kids/grandkids that you really miss them/enjoy them/want them with you at the holidays. They even have one that is perfect for your husband.

Getting ready for Christmas is full of delights. Wrapping gifts, baking treats and stringing up sparkly lights. But what do you love even more? Doing it together, of course! Tell each child just how special they are on every page of this festive family tale, written by Julia Gray and illustrated by Kate Alizadeh.

I got this one for the youngest.  She can save this for years to come and show her kids how much her grandparents loved her.

Choose four festive wishes for a child to discover under the tree. A spellbinding personalized Christmas book that teaches children the true meaning of the holidays.

One misty, magical Christmas Eve, a child creeps downstairs to find a mysterious box under the tree. Inside, they find the four wishes you’ve chosen specially for them. All of a sudden, they are whisked away on a midnight adventure to learn the true meaning of each one!

Every one of their children’s books is printed specially to order, on thick, luxurious paper sourced from sustainable forests (FSC-certified). Available in softcover and hardcover with gift wrap options, for a truly one-of-a-kind present.


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  1. Personalized story books are such a great idea! What a perfect way to get kids excited about reading. I know mine would love finding their name on the pages. This is also a great gift idea.

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