Words Over Easy

Words Over Easy

If you want a new game that keeps them making words then Words Over Easy is for you! This game has egg shaped dice so you get 4 letter to make a word with. Words Over Easy is a new take way to make words with letters you roll but you can use some of the letters you roll depending on where they land.

Pop the letter eggs into the egg sorter to see which letters that are yours to make your words.  Eggs that fall into the green side you can use while letters that land on the red side you can’t use.  Players can only use the letters that are face up to spell words they think of. All letters must be in each word. Then within a specific time you come up with as many words as possible that use all the letters.  When time is up players compare words and unique words get the score.

Add another challenge to the game by using optional category cards.  This would be great for a friends game night for the adults or older kids.  This games can be used over and over again and you will never get the same game twice, so there is no way to master it.  This is an easy game to learn and made for players 8 – 100 years old.  Great for teenagers to challenge their minds.

This puts a fun twist on a familiar game. A much more challenging game.  For anyone that loves words and can think quickly!

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  1. This definitely looks like a lot of fun and would make a great quarantine game! Thanks for the review!

  2. I would love to play this with my oldest two! Family game night is always interesting in this house! We love Winning Moves Games!

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