World Changer Adventure Backpack

World Changer Adventure Backpack

World Changer Adventure Backpack

Kids can be tough on backpack! What we need is something that will stand up to a kid playing, throwing, and who knows whatever else.  Now we have one. The World Changer Adventure Backpack is perfect for kids and it’s tough!

This World Changer Adventure Backpack is ready for the toughest of kids.  Plus it has all kinds of great features.  Like a special felt insert to put the pins they collect and display through the window.  Let the kids show off their special pins.  It is made of high quality and lightweight vegan leather exterior, and polyester lining interior.

Designed with 7 pockets–1 main compartment to store important school files, books, magazines, clothes, camera equipment etc, 1 tech pocket fits laptop/iPad up to 13”, 1 back pocket can store items like cell phone, keys, or wallet. 2 pockets outside for holding small accessories, such as a water bottles or umbrella, and 1 compartment with a felt insert dedicated to displaying your favorite enamel pins through the star shaped window.

This backpack features a unique feature for all those plushie lovers in the world. A 4.5 inch zipper on top of this backpack allows for you to show off their favorite travel companion.

The World Changer Adventure Backpack is durable, made with high quality and lightweight vegan leather exterior, polyester lining interior, and a felt insert for displaying enamel pins! With sturdy stitching and firm straps, the gold tone metal finishings make a nice touch. Ergonomic, water-resistant, comfortable and easy to clean.

This backpack is a durable ebackpack with a sturdy construction, this backpack is the perfect size for any adventure. It truly is a one-size-fits-all. Measures 14 inches tall, 11 inches wide at the base with a curve to 8.5 inches at the top. The backpack has a depth of 6 inches.

Desiree likes this.  A lot of her schooling this year will be online so she just needs a place to keep all of her papers and books together.  She can take her computer, she needs, right in there.  She has some pins from animate she collects so this is perfect, and should last a long time. Plus this is a nice looking backpack that has Axol & Friends’ logo in the corner.

Axol & Friends is more than a brand, it’s a movement to empower youth to be activists and environmentalists. They also fight for sustainability, environmental conservation, animal rights, human rights, and social justice.





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  1. This backpack is stylish! I love the vegan leather, it look so expensive and trendy. It’s spacious enough for large textbooks and binders.I have a son and daughter and this backpack is suitable for either one.Most of all they can hang their little beanies etc. on it!

  2. these bags are so cute and woud go well with either a boy or a girl,,i have a grandson who loves pink

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