WOW Charge Your Apple Watch and Your iPhone All At Once!

WOW Charge Your Apple Watch and Your iPhone All At Once!

That is all I can think ‘WOW Charge Your Apple Watch and Your iPhone All At Once’, this is really cool!  This makes it so nice, go to bed at night and you are ready in the morning, a great travel companion!

You just have to push the little button and it starts charging, when your phone, watch at fully charged this knows and shuts off.  This has protection against over-voltage, over-heat, and short-circuit, to make you feel secure while using!  Plus it is made from a special flame retardant material and is MiFi Certified.

Perfect small size so you can carry in a briefcase, or purse.  This is super easy to use and makes life easier by charging both devices at the same time!  This portable charger can fully charge you Apple watch 3 times or charge you phone to 70%, enough to get you home or home away from home.  Dual charge and power bank the perfect all-in-one device everyone should have.  Never go without a phone due to non-charging again!

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  1. This sounds like a great product. I don’t have a phone but all of my grown up kids do..They would love this!

  2. This is a very useful product…I am always trying to find ways to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak..lol

  3. I had not seen this product before. I like that it shuts itself off when the phone or watch are fully charged. Safety first.

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