Wrap Buddies Helps You Wrap

Wrap Buddies

Wrap Buddies Helps You Wrap

We all want our gifts to look picture perfect.  Sometime it can be hard to spread everything out.  Wrap Buddies can help with this. This is a helpful tool that will hold the paper in place so you have the rest of the room to wrap that beautiful package. This holds the paper and tape for easy access.

You’re busy. Gift wrap can be challenging. Gift bags are expensive. You want to give your gifts that extra personal touch, but who’s got time to struggle with all the supplies needed to do the job right?

Wrap Buddies

With Wrap Buddies you’ll never have to search for the tape or struggle to measure and cut wrapping paper. Our new, improved tape cutter will reduce your headaches even further. Less hassles, more joy.

When all your supplies are close at hand, wrapping is a breeze. Measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape more quickly than ever before. Freed from the headaches of lost tape, runaway rolls, and other gift wrapping hassles, you can measure, cut, and tape with unexpected ease. Wrapping gifts should be as joyful an experience as buying and giving. Wrap Buddies make your gift wrapping a joy, not a chore. Stay in the holiday or gift-giving spirit longer with fewer headaches (or backaches!).

Wrap Buddies’ innovative, patented two-piece design means you can use any width roll. From the smallest to the largest, you’re limited only by the size of your table!

And whether you put them on your left or your right, there’s a spot for a roll of tape right at your fingertips. Roll changes are a cinch; just remove one side, swap out your roll, and replace the Wrap Buddies to hold your new roll.


Wrap Buddies now come with a metal tape cutter for improved tape cutting performance and longevity. Our new, serrated metal cutter goes through tape like a hot knife through butter, and we even included finger guards on either side to help keep your thumbs nick-free.

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  1. Yes! Can we just say this is genius!? When I wrap gifts, it seems I’m constantly searching for the last place I laid the tape down, lol. And, I know I’m not alone in this. It’s universal.

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