yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode

yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode

If you are in the market for a new vacuum then you should check out the yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode.  This vacuum picks up every bite of dirt it can find and it is so quiet you won’t be disturbed even from watching your favorite show or napping. The yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode is made for the tough dirt.  I didn’t vacuum for 2 days, knowing I was doing this review, and it really cleaned my floors. Currently Amazon has a coupon to get $20 off this unit.

This is how the yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode arrives.  It is packed well so nothing comes broken or missing.  You even get an easy to understand instruction book to go with it. This is available on Amazon.

This is the underside. All I had to do was to attach the 2 brushes.  They are really easy to fit on and you can buy replacements.

yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum with Quiet Mode

This is the machine and charger.  It looks good and most people won’t even notice it.  Plus you can let the baby sleep while it does all the work for you.  After this was done I could not find any missed dirt.  My floors were clean again.  I can get one job done without interfering with another. Perfect for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floor.

I had to take the plastic coating off and plug the charger in and I was ready to go.  The unit was even charged already, so I could start using it right away.

This has 3 levels of adjustable suction power (600Pa/1200Pa/2000Pa) meets different cleaning needs for carpet and hard floors. But it’s quiet enough to use even when you are working from home or sleeping with a vacuuming noise low to 56dB (on normal mode) – same as that of an operating microwave.

No more hair entanglement troubles thanks to the new tangle-free silicone main brush which cleans pet hair effectively without getting stuck. And the biggest XXL 800ML dustbin holds more dirt per clean to reduce the dustbin empty frequencies.

The newly upgraded sensors detect Boundary Strips to prevent your robot from reaching places you don’t want it to clean, such as areas with a lot of cables, or getting stuck under desk and couches.

2600 mAh built-in lithium iron phosphate battery is safe to use with extended battery life. It is essentially no capacity decay compared to general lithium batteries. Runs up to 130 mins per charge and automatically recharges.

Available on Amazon, $159.99 (MSRP $219.99)

  • Get a fresh, clean, productive start to the school year with a no-hassle robot vacuum

  • Features unique Quiet Mode so you can use it on Zoom calls/while the baby is sleeping/without scaring your pets

  • Industry’s largest dustbin for less frequent empties



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  1. This sounds like a really nice Robot Vacuum! I have been wanting one since they first came out, although I’ve always been curious how well they actually work. It definitely sounds like they’ve got it down pretty well! I will be adding this to my wish list. I think it would make life much easier! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds like it would save me a lot of time and effort and vacuums at the same level if not better than my old vacuum cleaners. Thanks for the review!

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