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Your Dog Will Love BetterBone Too

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Your Dog Will Love Betterbone Too

Your Dog Will Love BetterBone Too

If you have an aggressive chewer like we have than BetterBone is perfect for him or her. This bone is different and it’s better for our friends. Plus it lasts a really long time. Our Bo is still a puppy that loves to chew.  To fight boredom and so nothing else gets chewed on I give him a BetterBone and he loves it.  As you can see when I introduced him to this he went right after it.

The only dog chew toy that is better for your dog and the planet. All-natural, nylon-free, non-splintering, dental cleaning design, sustainable materials, and absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals. The Better Bone is the best & safest choice for your pup.

Bo chews on everything, chairs, socks, whatever he can find. Now with BetterBone he is busy all the time.

BetterBone solves the problematic petroleum-based materials, artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors, & harmful splintering issues in the majority of bones on the market. Not only is this bone sustainably made for our environment’s benefit, but more importantly it is safe for your furry friend! Their puptomers rave about the BetterBones, chew satisfaction guaranteed! Stop feeding dogs artificial and petroleum-based products and get them a better bone!

  • 100% NATURAL &  0% NYLON- Made of 2 simple natural ingredients, and absolutely no nylon. Wood cellulose fiber & plant-based oil.
  • SAFE NON-SPLINTERING DESIGN- Our innovative material is non-splintering meaning it is safer for your dog and family.
  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING – Super chewers are our biggest bone lovers. BetterBones perform even better than the nylon alternatives!
  • DENTAL HEALTH DESIGN – Our wishbone features three unique chew ends: dental nubs, dental ridges, and rounded smooth.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC- Materials created originally approved for use with children under strict Reach EU EN-71 standards. Absolutely no nylon, soy, meat, nuts, dairy, parabens, BPA, phthalates, or artificial chemicals, flavors, and dyes. For the health of your pet and family.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING OR COLORS – We keep it simple for the health of your dog. No artificial chemicals, flavors, or colors.
  • EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW – BetterBones are designed to be easily handled and chewed for days!
  • SUSTAINABLE AND WE MEAN IT! Made from  PEFC sourced sustainable natural wood fiber and renewable plant oil. This innovative material reduces emissions of C02 by 85% compared to Virgin nylon bones, and 100% reduction in virgin nylon plastic.
  • PUP SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Reach out to Blue Standard, Inc. to speak to our leadership team with questions or concerns.

Blue Standard Inc.



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  1. The Better Bone sounds amazing! I love that it is so durable and promotes good dental hygiene for them as well. I am definitely going to get one for our puppy! Thank you so much for sharing.

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