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Your Man Wants Golden Grooming Co. Products

You Man Wants Golden Grooming Products

Your Man Wants Golden Grooming Co. Products

When I say this you probably aren’t too sure, but Golden Grooming Co. Products are high quality products that every man deserves.  Golden Grooming Co. sent me all of the above and my husband loves all of them.  It is amazing how much better he looks and feels with the beard grooming products and this Golden 11 in 1 Professional Grooming Kit is beyond belief!

Golden Grooming Co. was not playing around when they put this package together.  This grooming kit contains all of the above and more.  They have everything your man needs to look their best. These products are made especially for African American men, per the website, I am telling you this grooming kit is impressive.  It has 11 different blades, trimmers, and shaver.

It has a full-size trimmer, precision trimmer, design trimmer, ear/nose trimmer, body trimmer, and micro shaver.  Yeah all that plus the 5 different guide combs (3, 6, 9, 12MM).  Includes a comb and the USB charging cord, 5A 1A, to make life easier.

Also contains the lubricating oil and cleaning brush. Can you believe how much this has in it?

I love Golden Grooming Co. decided to include this stand base for easy storage.  Never misplace the one part you want when they are all in one place.  How much easier is that! The best part is this Professional Grooming Kit is amazingly affordable.

You can’t look your best without this Beard and Hair Shampoo.  This has a wonderful scent that any woman would love on her man. This new reformulated shampoo has more moisturizing power, to help keep your beard and hair healthy. Their conditioning ingredients keep your hair looking its best and feeling smooth.

Their all-natural Beard Oil is packed with the best ingredients your beard, and the skin underneath it, both need to grow healthy and thick. This is their most powerful formula yet. Healthy beards grow from healthy skin. So start caring for yours today.

Don’t forget the Beard Balm.  I personally think that a beard without beard balm does not look healthy. No matter how long your beard is, every man struggles with dryness and breakage. An itchy beard is the fastest way to convince you to shave off that beautiful beard. Golden’s beard balm is the most powerful tool they have built for moisturizing your beard to prevent breakage and itch. Work it into your beard and against your skin and then style it for your best look.

Want to know who started this company? Herman Moore, yeah that Herman Moore. The former Wide Receiver for the Detroit Lions. I love it just because of that but it is more than that. He is quoted on their website ‘In order to achieve everything that is possible for you, it’s important that you treat your body right and look your best – people will look at you and know you understand what it means to win as man of color. That’s why I know Golden is going to change the world – whether it’s our revolutionary skin products, our all-natural hair care, or our specialty beard balms + oils, these products are helping men of color everywhere look their best, feel their best and win in ways they never thought possible.”


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  1. This is an amazing men’s grooming set, I think the stand for it all is my favorite part! This would definitely make a great gift for any man.

  2. I’ve actually been hearing a lot of complaining lately about needing new trimmers and a grooming set in general. These products look and sound great!

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