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Your Moon Phase Necklace

Your Moon Phase Necklace

Your Moon Phase Necklace

This is such a beautiful unique necklace. Your Moon Phase Necklace is a different type of necklace than you will find anyplace else. Your Moon Phase is the exclusive online destination for understanding and celebrating the moon’s unique phases and their significance over important days in your life. Lynne and Brooke are busier than ever, hard at work on dozens of new jewelry styles, radiant moons that glow in the dark, and a patent-pending process that ensures your moon is accurately depicted no matter where you are in the world.

On Your Moon Phase Necklace you calculate the phase of the moon on your birthday, a child’s birthday, spouse’s birthday, or a friend’s birthday.  This makes such a unique gift and the gift is more personalized then they will realize at first glance. You can calculate your moon phase and see what your necklace will look like. They also sell earrings and bracelets. In addition they sell drinkware, keychains, art, and gift sets.

This package is ready to gift when it arrives. It is sent decorated nicely so you won’t even need to wrap it.  I took the ribbon off to look at the necklace and it went back on easily.  Or you could wrap this and make it even prettier.

This has a nice chain on it so it won’t break easily. I gave this to Desiree and she thought it was the coolest necklace she had ever seen. She has worn it ever since I gave it to her. By the way this necklace lightly glows at night, not too bright but it looks really cool.

I really love this necklace and so does Desiree.  It is something that is not given to someone unless they are very special and appreciate what they are seeing. This necklace is made very well and should last for years. Give this anytime during the year for a truly personalized gift they will never forget.

Your Moon Phase


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