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Zoku – New Ice Ball Molds

The Zoku Ice Ball lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor! Simply fill the mold, let it freeze, then easily open it to remove the ice sphere—no rinsing required. It’s simple to remove and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass. Enjoy it in any drink, at any age!

Ice_Ball-TN-2_large Ice_Ball-TN-3 Ice_Ball-TN-4

Includes: 2 Stackable Ice Ball Molds
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 4 fl. oz.
Dimensions: 3.7” x 3.7” x 2.8”
Model: ZK118

BPA and phthlatate free.

1. Fill mold with water and freeze for 8+ hours
2. Pull apart mold–no rinsing required
3. Push on the bottom of the mold to release the ice ball
4. Pour drink over ice ball in cocktail glass

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  1. I have always wanted one of these, Ice balls are so much better then ice cubes! actually I’m surprised I haven’t got one before now really! lol

  2. WOW! Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Zoku – New Ice Ball Molds @ZokuHQ! This is a really awesome way to keep your drinks cold! I absolutely love this! My husband should love this. He gets a drink and puts a lot of ice In it. When he’s done drinking from that glass, he’ll spill the ice out in the sink and put the glass to be washed. Then in a little while he’ll do the same thing again! He’s driving me crazy! This Ball of ice would be wonderful to keep his drink cold and instead of dumping it into the sink, he can put it back into the freezer for his next glass! Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic review with all of us! I know that I sure do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

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