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Zoomigos From Educational Insights @ed_insights


Zoomigos From Educational Insights

I know Zoomigos are so adorable!  Educational Insights always does a great job with their toys and they always have an educational value to them.  Zoomigos does also.



With each pump of the Zoomigo, to placing him in his Zoomer, your kiddo is developing the skills they will need to write their names and tie their shoes.

Pumping up these Zoomigos is as easy as 1-2-3 and their see-through legs give inquisitive kids a look at how it all works.

Simply pump and place your Zoomigo in any of the Zoomers, and watch them go for hours of unplugged, kid-powered play.

Pump up preschool playtime with a whacky wonderworld kids power up all by themselves! Pump their heads to wind it up, place in their Zoomer, and watch them take off! All Zoomigos work with all Zoomers for endless, kid-powered fun. Collect them all to build Zoomtown and watch as imaginations run wild! No batteries required.

Zoomigos Zoomigos

As you can see, the kids can watch how these work on the inside.  This is easy to see and pumps up with a couple pushes down on the character.

The gear, between the feet on the bottom, goes right into the the car and then they take off.  You are gonna need more than one for the races!


This is easy to make contact and get the car going fast, since little ones have a short attention span, they want it easy and fast and that is what this does.  I love how they wanted the child to start learning how things work from a very small age, because they will learn at some point and think how smart they will be because of starting them early.

These are 6.8 x 6.8 x 8 inches and are very light to pick up, but they can still take rough play with the kids!  Super cute, wonderful colors, entertaining, and easy to use!  Just what the kids would order if they could!


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