ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons For Outdoor Fun

Bunch O Balloons

ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons For Outdoor Fun

Get ready for fun with ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons.  Get the kids outside and running around having a blast!  ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons fills up so easy it really is the smartest way to do water balloons.  You can have them outside playing in 60 seconds.  Fill them up and put them in an empty laundry basket, it will dry.  What I like best is that this is great for any age.

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Connect, Fill & Tie 100 Water Balloons in just 60 seconds with ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons! No more tedious tying with ZURU’s innovative self-sealing O-Ring technology! Say GOODBYE! to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons and unleash summer fun wherever you are! Pretty soon you will have the yard full of the neighborhood kids playing and having more fun than they have had in a long time.  Buy extra so you are ready!

You can even recycle the balloons.  Just print a label and mail the used balloons and materials and the items will be recycled.

Unleash the thrill of summer with ZURU Bunch O Balloons! Fill and Tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with these sensational self-tying water balloons! With innovative O-Ring technology and Rapid Fill capabilities, say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons and say hello to never ending splash out loud fun! Simply connect to a tap or a hose, fill and make hundreds of water balloons with no hand-tying. Take them to a pool party, to your backyard, to a barbecue, the beach or anywhere else to unleash summer no matter where you are! Summer’s too short, make sure you spend it having splashing refreshing fun! This pack includes 12 Bunch O Balloons (Self-tying, Rapid Fill Water Balloons). Bunch O Balloons is the award-winning (Toy of the Year) patented invention that helps you make the most out of summer with friends and family!

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  1. These are so fun! We don’t have a spickot at home so we took ours to my moms and we had our water balloon fight there.

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