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ZURU’s Smashers Lava Slime Surprise

ZURU's Smashers Lava Slime Surprise

ZURU’s Smashers Lava Slime Surprise

The kids love slime!  Now they can search for dinosaur bones in the slime.  ZURU’s Smashers Lava Slime Surprise then lets them build their own dinosaur out the 4 pieces.  The instructions are easy to follow, with pictures so the kids know exactly where the parts belong.

ZURU’s Smashers Lava Slime Surprise is something my granddaughter said all the boys would like.  It is a little messy but most kids love a little mess.  It cleans up with a little soap and water.

The slime comes in a package that is resealable so it can be saved. This is what comes with the volcano.  Just pour the slime into the bottom of the slime and start your search for the bones.  After we found them I rinsed them with water then I put the dinosaur together. This is a fun rainy day project or even one you could do outside.  Kids also love dinosaurs so let them get all kinds of sizes of dinosaurs with the Smashers collection.

The dinosaur is about 2 – 3 inches long.  Betty did have a good time getting into the slime to get the dinosaur bones.

SMASHERS LAVA SLIME SURPRISE: Dig through the volcano eruption and adventure into the lava slime to find and build the Dino skeleton. Discover and collect all six of the DINO skeletons, checking them from your Collectors Guide.


• EXPLORE THE VOLCANO: Dig through the lava to find DINO bones and build this into a complete Dino!

• BUILD YOUR OWN COLLECTION: Discover in the lava slime one of 6 Smashers DINO Skeletons

ZURU makes a big selection of Smashers products to add to their collection.  Add to their dinosaur collection with different pieces from their choices.

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  1. What a cute idea for a slime toy, my kids love a good mess! They would definitely have fun with this one. How cool that you can put the bones together when you find them all too.

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